Daylight Spendings

This weekend was one of the best in a long time. Saturday morning began with a massive cup of coffee and apple pie crepes. I intended on making a whipped coconut cream, but even after a night in the fridge, it was still entirely liquid. So instead of using milk in the recipe, we used said coconut cream. I chopped up two apples and cooked them with a simple sugar/cinnamon/water syrup for a topping. No pictures came about in this entire process, as the only style we eat pancakes/crepes in involves standing in the kitchen and eating them while they’re hot, one at a time. They were also so delicious that I probably would have inhaled my camera if it got in the way.

We tried out an Indian restaurant for dinner, but didn’t want to seem suspicious, as we’re in the market for caterers at the moment. When the waiter found out I was DF, he was super accommodating (I rarely tell waiters I’m DF since I can usually find foods that avoid it.)

Here in Oz, daylight savings was this weekend. (Fall back? YES PLEASE!) With another hour of sleep to spend, we went to Ikea. It is now I shall let you in on a little secret: there is NO possibility of leaving Ikea in less than 3 hours. It’s a proven fact. For $1.49/bowl however, it’s totally worth it. Or the nice and heavy $8 rolling pin. I also could not leave without the lingonberry jam. Worth it worth it worth it.

We came home to make a marinara with squid and prawns with bruschetta garlic toast. I’m not a fan of noodles, they always seem to get left behind. I also made a variation of Caprioscas.

Now I’m just crunchin on some cereal, and scouting jobs.

Uncle Toby, how do you do it?

How was your weekend? Do you feel the need to tell every waiter about your allergies?

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  1. Hey!!
    YAY on the blog!! How fun!! Blogging is SUCH a rewarding project!! Congrats for starting one!!

    I usually always mention my d allergy at restaurants, unless it’s an asian place. It’s not worth it if I get sick!! But it did take me a long time to do it.

    I promise to come visit your blog lots!! I totally support my readers and other dairy free blogs, just forgive me if I don’t comment, life is so chaotic right now, but I will try hard!! :)

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